Why SplitFit?

SplitFit is revolutionizing the way that people everywhere can access and enjoy Personal Training.  The most effective workout in the fitness world is no longer too expensive, too inconvenient or too much of a commitment.

  • Convenient and Easy to Use

    Flexible scheduling for individual and pool (2-4 people) training sessions, with no contracts or membership required. Trainer schedules are available right on your phone or tablet.  Pick and choose the sessions that fit your schedule.

  • Affordable and Accessible

    Hour-long sessions are available for $80, and train with others for just $20. Save even more through our incentive program, Splitbucks ™

  • Benefits of Training at the Gym

    Training in a gym offers state-of-the-art equipment in a weatherproof and safe environment, with all the amenities – and you can enjoy the support and the camaraderie of others who are working out in the same location.

Right Time. Right Place. Right Price.


How it Works

Easy to Sign Up and Use

Just download the app and get started.  It’s that easy.  No contract or gym membership required.  Pay as you go for individual or pool (2-4 people) sessions at your convenience. Train with others for only $20.  Plus earn Splitbucks™ as others join your pool. Learn more about our incentive program here.

Flexible Options

Find a trainer and a session time that work for your schedule, even on the same day. The timing, duration and participation are all up to you. Sign up for affordable individual sessions or pools of 2-4 people, maybe even get your friends together for a shared session. Train with others for only $20.  Plus earn Splitbucks™ as others join your pool. Learn more about our incentive program here.

Convenient Information and Communication

Trainer bios, session descriptions and availability are all right there on your phone or tablet.

Use messaging to receive alerts, send training invitations to your friends and give feedback on your session experience.

Have Fun, Get Fit, Do it Your Way

Personal training is arguably the absolute best way to achieve your individual fitness goals. The personalized attention to your program and your progress greatly enhance your experience and your results.

The benefits of personal training are obvious but until now personal training may have been too expensive, too inconvenient or too much of a commitment. SplitFit eliminates these barriers and makes personal training affordable and accessible without contracts or membership requirements.  And, you can try a session alone, create your own pool of friends … or meet up with new people in a shared session while doing something good for yourself.

Everybody WINS!

In the News

Boston Voyager “By making it easier to find quality personal training at the best clubs in Boston we are helping customers (clients), gym owners and trainers connect.” July 2017

Outside "It should come as no surprise, then, that some of the best training environments tend to be groups of individuals pushing each other toward common goals." December 2016

Boston Magazine "Our vision is for SplitFit to connect people with gyms wherever they are in Boston - great personal training at the right place, right time, and for the right price."  January 2017

  • Colleen B.SplitFit has been AWESOME!!!!! I am really enjoying it and can't say enough good things about the staff, the workouts, the gym. It is really one of the greatest workout tools I have used!
  • Ricardo B.The idea is great, and I love using the service. It is a convenient, fun, interactive, and exploratory experience - love the price point and the fact that you're with your buddy(s). Thank you for coming up with it.
  • Sarah K.I'd been curious about what it would be like to meet with a trainer but it seemed so expensive that I had never really considered it. This is a great idea!
  • Lindsay K.“SplitFit’s pooling feature was the perfect option for my first-ever personal training session.  I was always too intimidated to try a one-on-one with a trainer, so doing the session with a friend was a fun, social way to ease into it!”
  • Daniel W., Personal Trainer"SplitFit is exciting news for everyone in the health fitness field.  My clients are excited about the opportunity to add training sessions at a more affordable rate, and at having the chance to train with a qualified fitness professional!  It's a win-win!"
  • Cristina G."It was a great workout and Linda fit in a variety of exercises for me.  Really happy with the experience overall!  Personal training always seems so out of reach (price wise).  For this price I'd probably do personal training 1-2 times a month."
  • Holly P."The app was easy to use and navigate.  Staff was friendly, clean facility, knowledgeable trainer, good size locker room... it's a good value."
  • Timothy W.“I loved my session so much that I signed up for another one and plan on making it a weekly occurrence… this is an incredible value.”  

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