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SplitFit makes working out with a certified personal trainer convenient and affordable. Get the smartest and most effective workout, available at many nearby fitness centers, no memberships or commitments required. Personalized small group workouts start at $20 for live virtual to $35 live in-person.

SplitFit removes barriers to fitness by giving you detailed information on every session. View trainer and gym profiles and reviews, learn about others in your session, filter workouts based on style, intensity, price, and location. In just a few clicks you can book what you want, when you want. You’ll also save on workouts by buying SplitBucks in bulk or sharing Splitfit with friends.

Finally get a fitness routine you can stick to and see results.

How it Works

Easily search trainers, gyms, and workouts based on your needs, schedule, and budget.

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Join a personal training pool, small group session, or book a private session with a trainer.

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Save on workouts with SplitBucks. Buy in bulk or earn SplitBucks for referring friends.

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Workout when it works for you. No memberships or commitments required.

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Why SplitFit?

SplitFit is revolutionizing the way that people everywhere can access and enjoy personal training. The most effective workout is now convenient, affordable, and accessible with no memberships or commitments. Kickstart your fitness routine today.

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photo of Tim

Tim W

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“I loved my session so much that I signed up for another one and plan on making it a weekly occurrence.”

photo of Carly

Carly C

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“Workout was informative and I felt like I learnt why it was important to have correct form/technique for the exercises given. Daniel was very attentive and able to split his attention fairly between two of us. Very laid back and fun!”

photo of Jeff

Jeff P

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“I love that I now have the flexibility to work with quality trainers at a variety of locations near my job and also when I’m home.”

photo of Jessie

Jessie T

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“I had a lot of fun today with Linda. I joined a pool with two other women. It was awesome!”

photo of Colleen

Colleen B

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“SplitFit has been AWESOME!!!!! I am really enjoying it and can’t say enough good things about the staff, the workouts, the gym. I am really looking forward to continuing using the app! It is really one of the greatest workout tools I have used!”

photo of Michael

Michael C

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“The $25 price point for access to a skilled personal trainer? This has been AWESOME! I now train twice a week and I’m definitely in the best shape of my life. Go SplitFit!”

* Training results may vary from person to person

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