SPLITFIT is the easiest way to get quality personal training in reputable Gyms & Studios near you on-demand for $20. Share the cost of the session with up to 3 people and get a custom workout at an affordable price. Our network of established Gyms & Studios offers safety, consistent quality and great amenities. Learn about your trainer, the location and others in your group before you arrive. Say goodbye to monthly memberships and costly training packages – simply pay as you go when you want, where you want with SPLITFIT.

How it Works

Choose a time that fits your schedule and your preferred gym

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Join a personal training pool or book a private session

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Personalize your training with our simple questionnaire

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Get up to $15 back. Earn $5 back in Splitbucks for every person that joins the session after you

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No membership required


SPLITFIT is revolutionizing the way that people everywhere can access and enjoy Personal Training.  The most effective workout in the fitness world is no longer too expensive, too inconvenient or too much of a commitment.

$5 back pool
  • Convenient and Easy to Use

    Flexible scheduling for individual and pool (2-4 people) training sessions, with no contracts or membership required. Trainer schedules are available right on your phone or tablet.  Pick and choose the sessions that fit your schedule.

  • Affordable and Accessible

    Hour-long sessions are available for $80, and train with others for just $20. Save even more through our incentive program, Splitbucks ™

  • Benefits of Training at the Gym

    Training in a gym offers state-of-the-art equipment in a weatherproof and safe environment, with all the amenities – and you can enjoy the support and the camaraderie of others who are working out in the same location.

photo of Tim

Tim W

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“I loved my session so much that I signed up for another one and plan on making it a weekly occurrence.”

photo of Carly

Carly C

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“Workout was informative and I felt like I learnt why it was important to have correct form/technique for the exercises given. Daniel was very attentive and able to split his attention fairly between two of us. Very laid back and fun!”

photo of Jeff

Jeff P

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“I love that I now have the flexibility to work with quality trainers at a variety of locations near my job and also when I’m home.”

photo of Jessie

Jessie T

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“I had a lot of fun today with Linda. I joined a pool with two other women. It was awesome!”

photo of Colleen

Colleen B

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“SplitFit has been AWESOME!!!!! I am really enjoying it and can’t say enough good things about the staff, the workouts, the gym. I am really looking forward to continuing using the app! It is really one of the greatest workout tools I have used!”

photo of Michael

Michael C

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“The $20 price point for access to a skilled personal trainer? This has been AWESOME! I now train twice a week and I’m definitely in the best shape of my life. Go Splitfit!!”

* Training results may vary from person to person
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