7 Popular Fitness Technology Gadgets

Fitness Technology Gadgets

There are so many fitness and health tech gadgets and devices out there it can be confusing determining what you need and don’t need. It’s important to know what you are looking for and to research different technologies.

Each year the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas shows the latest in fitness and health technology. These showcased products range from health gadgets that monitor blood pressure and analyze your sweat to fitness gadgets such as artificial intelligence-driven headphones.

You want to know you’re getting the tracking, monitoring, and/or analysis you’re wanting. It’s especially important because many of these gadgets can be pricey. You want to get the best information and service for your money.

Read on to learn about 7 popular fitness technology gadgets on the market (or soon to be on the market) that you can choose from.

Peloton Treadmill

Credit: Peloton

The Peloton Treadmill is a high-tech treadmill that helps monitor cardiovascular biometrics as you use it. It’s a low impact treadmill manufactured by Peloton, widely known for their stationary bikes. Users are able to stream live and on-demand fitness classes. It is not cheap – it’ll run you around $4,000.00. The Peloton Treadmill will be on the market in January of 2019. See a video of this treadmill in action.

Soul Electronics Run Free Pro Bio Earbuds

Credit: Soul Electronics

Wanting some coaching while you run? Try these sweat-proof earbuds. They will measure speed, distance, step length, cadence and stop width. But they go a step further and measure more complex things such as your head tilt, balance, maximum leg force, shock, and vertical oscillation (your body’s bounce). This is done in real time so you can see and adjust your form and performance. The metrics are then shown on an app that comes with the earbuds. You’ll also have an A-1 coach advising you on what to adjust, change, or stop. These earbuds are the result of a collaboration between Soul Electronics and Beflex Inc. They will run you around $150.00. Take a look.

Black Box VR

Credit: Black Box

The Black Box VR is a virtual reality, immersive gym. It will be available soon at Black Box gyms.  This VR gym offers a different type of workout with a video game element added. The user finds themselves inside a big arena with an opponent at the far end of the arena. The opponent produces large flaming birds to attack the user.  The user then has to defend themselves against these birds using two pulleys. This VR gym also “learns” the user – how quickly they get through each rep, the force exerted, and etc. As previously stated this device is available through Black Box gyms, they are not for personal purchase. Watch for yourself.


Credit: ForbesThe PainPod is a wearable the offers the user drug-free alternatives to pain medicines. The device runs on a combination of micronutrients and biomedical technology. It’s a bioelectrical technology that learns and understands the body’s peripheral nervous system and other body systems. As a result, it understands how these systems work to manage pain, speed recovery, and improve performance. Place the pod on wherever you’re feeling pain and it will go to work managing/lessening that pain. There are different versions of this gadget with prices ranging from $69.00 to $500.00This gadget is FDA-approved. See how to use the PainPod.

Piq Robot Blue

Credit: Piq

This is a device specifically for boxing. Piq is a French start-up that joined forces with Everlast to launch the Piq Robot. This device measures things such as the speed and impact coming from a punch. The user can then use their smartphone to track their progress and make training adjustments for more and quicker improvement. It will track workouts such as shadow boxing, bag, mitt training, and sparring. This gadget runs around $99.00. Watch the product video.

Under Armour HOVR Record-Equipped Shoes

Credit: Under Armour

The HOVR Platform and HOVR Sonic shoes for women offer improved support and shock absorption to runners. The cushioning in these shoes minimizes the impact on knee and ankle joints. They also claim to provide increased energy. Some versions of these shoes have a built-in chip which syncs with the MapMyRun app. This will track GPS information and will measure your running time, distance, duration, and cadence. They offer the option of a record-equipped chip. The women’s Under Armour Phantom will run around $140.00 and the women’s Sonic will run around $110.00. See how these shoes work.

Suunto 3 Fitness

Credit: Suunta

The Suunto 3 Fitness gadget advances the monitoring, counting, and tracking abilities of the smartwatch by offering adaptive training plans. Using your fitness level and exercise intensity/history, the Suunto 3 Fitness will create a 7-day workout schedule for you. It will advise you on the necessary length and challenge level of your workout needed to reach your workout goals. You’ll also get real-time monitoring and advice on your heart as well as sleep tracking. This wearable runs around $280.00. See the Suunto 3 Fitness in action.


Getting and staying fit and healthy is becoming more and more high-tech. Staying informed will make deciding which gadget is the right one for your needs, goals, levels, and money a little less confusing.

Image Credit: Comcast

Post by Andrea Rogers