Fitness Technology Focus: Wodify Core Gym Software

Wodify Core photoWe, as a society, are demanding more and more information be delivered more and more quickly. Fitness technology that tracks and analyzes this information is a big need in order to keep up and savvy gym operators know this.

One fast-growing niche in the digital fitness and health market is fitness technology in gyms. Gym operators have seen the importance of offering their members hi-tech things such as group fitness apps, monitors, trackers, etc.

Let’s look at one of the technology apps being used by gym operators in today’s highly digital world. Wodify is an all-in-one gym management platform delivery company that offers gym operators and members Wodify Core.

Wodify Core

Wodify Core is gym software that allows gym operators to connect to their gym from anywhere. The Wodify website claims its Wodify Core is the software of choice for over 4000 gyms globally.

Some of its features are:


Wodify Core’s dashboards and reports allow gym operators to view their business from every angle. Wodify Core collects and analyzes information that helps operators understand their gym’s financial status.

Zapier Integration

Wodify Core offers productivity aids such as to-do lists. This integration is compatible with over 750 apps.

Bulk Actions

These bulk actions help operators complete tasks more quickly by tagging multiple members, workouts and/or retail products.


Regardless of how awesome a gym is unless people know how awesome it is, it’s not going to attract members. Marketing features offered by Wodify Core are:

  • Integration – WordPress blog integration and MailChimp integration helps email marketing be more successful and helps the company blog promote and increase public exposure.
  • SMS to Keyword – This allows leads to text a keyword to receive free gym trials or discounts.
  • Promo Codes – These codes provide an incentive for non-members to try out the gym, offers free merchandise, free workouts and discounted membership.
  • Segments & Conversations – Operators and managers can have interactions with leads, instructors and staff, and members.

Lead Services

These lead features let leads come to gym operators with features like:

  • Lead Form – This is a signup form on the gym’s website.
  • Lead Management – This service, after new lead creation, helps operators connect with potential members by signing them into classes, monitoring their activity, etc.

Financial Services

These services help gym operators stay on top of their finances with the following features:

  • Payments & Billing – Wodify Core offers flat pricing with Stripe integration so payments are quickly and accurately processed. Billing is made easier by Wodify Core’s automated billing feature.
  • Invoice Generation – By streamlining invoice generation, this feature makes
  • Invoice creation quicker and easier and more accurate. The invoices can also be emailed to members.
  • Payroll – Payroll is managed by the software, taking the job off the operator’s shoulders


Selling merchandise and memberships and etc. is made quick and easy by:

  • Shopify Integration – Operators can sell merchandise (workout gear, water bottles, clothing, etc.) with Wodify Core’s Shopify integration feature.
  • Point of Sale – This feature makes selling, invoicing and refunding easy.
  • Online Sales – This portal integrates with the gym’s website to make buying a membership quick and easy, also offering free trials and etc.
  • Google Analytics – This feature enables gym operators to understand how people are reaching their gym’s online sales portal by working with Google Analytics.

Membership Management

Operators can manage members and memberships with these management features:

  • Membership Enforcement – This keeps track of what’s allowed by membership options and plans. It also manages unlimited memberships, for example by capping their reservations.
  • Digital Contracts/Waivers – Paperless signup allows gym management to keep track of contracts and waivers.
  • Attendance Tracker – The Attendance Tracker allows operators to keep track of when each member signs in which lets them know if membership retention efforts are needed.
  • Member Tagging & Notes – Trainers are able to tag members with injuries and/or needing modified workouts on the member’s profile.

Instructor Services

Gym operators can help and reward instructors with the following features:

  • Workout Builder – Using the drag-and-drop workout builder and exercise database makes preparing and structuring classes easier for instructors/trainers.
  • Wodify Core Kiosk – This kiosk helps trainers check people into classes, display workouts, etc.
  • Instructor App – This app contains the kiosk feature. Trainers can access members’ information such as attendance history, modification needs, etc.
  • Classes 2.0 – The calendar displays class schedules, instructors leading the classes, how many are signed up for the classes, etc.

Productivity Features

These features help operators get their stuff done more efficiently:

  • Global Search – Trainers are able to use this feature to find member information such as contracts, waivers, attendance, contact information, etc.
  • Workout Builder Hotkeys – This helps trainers build and plan daily workouts  easily.
  • Appointments/Services – These features enable self-booking, and easier one-on-one appointment scheduling. The appointment calendar syncs with Google Calendar.
  • Schedule Updating – Bulk actions update multiple classes at once, saving time spent updating gym schedules.

Fitness Features

Gym operators can log members’ fitness journey with these features:

  • Performance Tracking – This feature promotes personal progress, accountability and friendly competition. Members can log results and track their progress.
  • Nutrition Journal – This journal helps instructors and operators reinforce healthy eating habits in members.
  • Wodify Pulse – Pulse is a built-in heart rate monitor that gives users real-time feedback.

Hi-Tech Fitness

Wodify Core offers fitness technology such as:

  • Whiteboard – Members can view each other’s daily workout results on the Whiteboard.
  • Social Platform – This platform lets members connect as they would on other social media platforms using quick “likes” or comments.
  • Leaderboard – This leaderboard displays information, such as the gym’s top three performers of all time, that promotes competition in members.

Customer Services

Members can manage their gym experience with these features:

  • Member App – Members can track workout results, book classes, see the gym’s schedule, connect with other members, etc.
  • Family Features – Wodify Core lets member families share payments, manage children’s memberships, etc.
  • Coachboard – Using this feature, members can sign into classes, reserve spots, view daily workouts, etc.
  • Wodifind – Wodifind lets members who are on the road find nearby gyms that use Wodify Core.

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Post by Andrea Rogers