Fitness Technology Review: The Ticwatch

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This week we’re looking at the Ticwatch, a fitness wearable by Mobvoi. To date, there is the Ticwatch 2, Ticwatch S&E, the Ticwatch E, the Ticwatch Pro, and arriving soon on the fitness technology market is the Ticwatch E2. Although Mobvoi’s not provided a date for the Ticwatch E2’s release, it has suggested that it’ll be hitting the market soon.

About Mobvoi

Mobvoi is shaping the future of human-machine interaction with AI technology, creating cutting-edge voice technologies, wearables, automobile and home products. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Beijing, Mobvoi has team members from all over the world and international offices in Seattle and San Francisco. Mobvoi also has a close relationship with Google through Android Wear and Google Assistant. In the automobile market, Mobvoi is providing AI technologies for Volkswagon Group China. In 2016 Mobvoi launched the Ticwatch globally (and showing some hustle by raising $2.1 on Kickstarter!). In 2017 the Ticwatch S&E launched and soon became the #2 Most Funded Wearables of all time on Kickstarter. The Ticwatch E was available early this year. (The Ticwatch S&E, Ticwatch Pro, Ticwatch 2, and Ticwatch E are the precursors to the Ticwatch E2.)

About the Ticwatch

The Ticwatch is an Android 2.0 smartwatch. All Ticwatch versions are affordable, they’re considered Mobvoi’s low-end smartwatch with most of the other smartwatches’ capabilities and features.

As the Ticwatch E and Ticwatch S are able to be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes, it’s assumed the Ticwatch E2 will be able to safely be submerged in water of 30-50 meters. The Ticwatch S is more sports-oriented than the other versions.

The Ticwatch’s performance is quick and smooth. The watches include a microphone and speaker making it easy to take and make calls in a WiFi environment. Although the Ticwatch E is compatible with Android and iOS, Mobvoi equips it with its own dedicated app. This app provides a snapshot of fitness stats.

All Ticwatch versions have a relatively basic slim design with the body constructed of polycarbonate and an anti-scratch glass face.

The Ticwatch and Fitness

The fitness technology of the Ticwatch isn’t considered to be great, just functional. Fitness features of the Ticwatch E are:

  • Heart Rate Sensor
  • Built-In GPS
  • Step Tracker
  • Calories Burned
  • Workout Timer

The Ticwatch’s built-in GPS isn’t as thorough as that of a smartwatch but is considered to be serviceable.

The heart rate sensor is responsive and accurate. It not only monitors heart rate during activity but also monitors resting heart rates. A big positive reported by users is how easily other fitness apps connect to the sensor.

The battery life of the Ticwatch is similar to other Android Wear watches. Using the always-on feature will drain the battery within hours so it’s recommended that the display be deactivated.

The Ticwatch is available via its own online store and Amazon and in the US, UK and Australia.

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Image Credits:  Android Headlines

Post by Andrea Rogers