Survive Thanksgiving with These Fitness Apps

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Thanksgiving is finally here and SplitFit would like to show you how to have a happy digital Thanksgiving!

Statistics tell us the average American gains 3-5 pounds over the holiday season, from mid-November to early January. Today’s fitness and health market reflect our interest in and need for some hi-tech assistance in keeping as many of those 3-5 pounds away as possible.

Here are 5 popular digital apps that can help you do just that!

Lose It!

Connects the people, devices and the food information that can help you lose that weight. Set your goal, track your food intake and exercise using apps and devices and get encouragement through a weight loss community.


Track exercise, nutrients, sleep and activity all in a simple UI dashboard. Enter your starting weight, your plan intensity and your target weight and Fitbit will show you an estimated date for reaching your weight loss goals.

My Net Diary

With a community supported by a dietician, this diary app allows for tracking food intake and exercise and has a nutrition database of over 630,000 foods. According to their website members lose an average of 1.4 pounds per week.

My Plate

Provided by Livestrong, this calorie counter offers one-click tracking, personalized meal plans and workout programs. They claim to have over 10mm downloads, 650K active users and 20mm pounds lost.


Use these fitness plans, nutritional tracking and social motivation to reach your health and fitness goals. You will have a personalized plan for the perfect workout and a community of certified trainers.

These are just a few of the apps out there that can help you get through the weight-gain season without the weight gain!

Happy Thanksgiving from SplitFit and remember there’s always something to be thankful for!

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Post by Andrea Rogers