Achieve Fitness Boston Gym Review

Happy members of the Achieve Fitness gym talk about its unique atmosphere and spirit of inclusivity. Everyone is made to feel special and the staff makes efforts to steer clear of the insecurity-competitiveness vibe you’ll find at so many other gyms. Boasting top-notch trainers and coaches, Achieve Fitness promises your confidence will improve and you’ll reach your fitness and health goals.


Achieve Fitness is located in Somerville, MA. Nearby you’ll find Cafe Luna, Life Alive (a vegetarian juice bar/eatery), The Sports Museum, Muse Paintbar and the Harvard Art Museums.

Classes / Programs

Some of the classes you’ll find at Achieve Fitness are:

  • Kettlebell Training
  • MetCon
  • Strength Training
  • SuperCon
  • Recover

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Some programs offered at Achieve Fitness:

Nutritional Services

  • One-on-One Consultations
  • $149
  • Plan out a workout program using responses from a questionnaire

Weekly Accountability Check-Ins

  • $129 / month
  • Four 15-minute check-ins either by phone or in-person

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Achieve Summer Internship Program

  • Offers a comprehensive education on how to become the best strength and conditioning professional
  • Over 200 hours of hands-on coaching practice
  • Learn how to optimally write programs for varying goals and skill levels
  • Real-life experience in creating and sustaining a supportive and inclusive community
  • Learn about fitness progressions/regressions

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Perks / Amenities

Membership Information

Group Plan

  • Unlimited Access to Group Classes
  • $179/month
  • Classes Offered:
    • Strength Classes
    • MetCon Classes
    • Kettlebell Classes
    • Recovery Classes

Custom Plan

  • Most popular membership plan
  • $299/month
  • Benefits:
    • Individualized Workout Programs
    • One Semi-Private Personal Training Session Weekly
    • Unlimited Use of the Gym
    • Unlimited Access to Group Classes

Elite Plan

  • Increased accountability with an additional coaching session each week
  • $449/month
  • Everything included in the Custom Plan plus:
  • 1 Additional Semi-Private Training Session Weekly


Achieve Fitness has a 5/5 rating on Yelp with positive comments on the specialized and individualized programs, friendliness and expertise of instructors, how beginners feel comfortable and not conspicuous, thoroughness of instructors’ functional movement screening and assessment of strengths and weaknesses. The only negative comment this reviewer found on Yelp was for their lack of cardio machines!


Contact Information:


Achieve Fitness Boston Gym Review

Achieve Fitness Boston Gym
42 Merriam St.
Somerville, MA 02143


Monday – Thursday:  6am – 8:30pm
Friday:                       6am – 7:30pm
Saturday:                   8am – 2pm



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