Anytime Fitness – Grafton Location Gym Review

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About Anytime Fitness

Offering the best in terms of convenience, Anytime Fitness (AF) is open 24/7 for its members and has over 3,000 gyms globally. AF boasts a professional and friendly staff and supportive member community. Through a short survey, conversation and a movement assessment, the AF team will prescribe the perfect program to get you started and on track to meet your fitness goals. You can look forward to a friendly gym experience with helpful, knowledgeable trainers, useful and focused information on how to succeed with your fitness goals with assessment and advice from your AF trainer (AF refers to this as your ‘Get Started Plan”), and a strong beginning to your fitness and health journey.


AF has over 3,000 gyms throughout the world. This review is for the Grafton, MA location. This AF studio is located on Worcester Street, near the Country Plaza Shopping Center, CVS, Stop & Shop, and the Gummere Woods and Marsters Preserve Trail.


Classes offered at AF include:

  • Tabata
  • Spin
  • Power Yoga
  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Boot Camp
  • Muscle Madness
  • C3 Interval
  • Muscle Conditioning
  • Pyramids

Programs offered at AF include:

  • Cardio
  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning
  • Nutrition Program
  • Weight Loss


Some of the equipment you’ll find at this AF include:

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical Cross-Trainers
  • Rowing Machines
  • Cardio TVs
  • Stair Climbers
  • Spin Bikes/Exercise Cycles
  • Free Weights/Dumbbells/Barbells/Kettlebells
  • Squat Racks/Multi-Functional Racks
  • Battle Ropes/Jump Ropes
  • Medicine Balls
  • Plyometric Boxes
  • Boxing Bag
  • TRX


  • Bike Parking
  • Wheelchair Accessibility
  • 24/7 Hours of Operation (for members) with 24/7 Security
  • 7-Day Free Trial
  • Kid Friendly
  • Anytime Fitness App
  • Worldwide Club Access
  • Private Restrooms
  • Private Showers
  • HDTVs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Free First Month of Group Fitness Classes
  • First Visit Offers:
    • 1-Hour session with a trainer
    • Consultation with a trainer about your health & fitness goals, exercise history, etc.
    • Tour of the gym
    • Brief warm-up
    • Light workout
    • Personalized Fitness Plan for your first 30 days

Membership Information

Membership includes:

  • Free, No-Pressure Fitness Consultation
  • Global Access to Gyms
  • 24/7 Hours of Operation

AF Gyms also offer various specials, such as their Summer Student Special:

  • Base Rate for 3 months
  • Free Group Classes
  • *All requires a Valid Student ID

(For membership plans, specials, costs and prices go to:

(For inquiries on AF’s Free 7-Day pass go to:

Note: Anytime Fitness gyms are franchised, each location is independently owned and operated. Please consult the location of your choice for information on membership, consultations, specials, costs and prices, etc.


AF has a ⅗ rating on Yelp. Positive reviews were given for the cleanliness of the facility, affordable membership prices, brand new equipment, and better overall condition of the gym and the classes since new ownership took place in 2017. Negative reviews were given for the smallness of the gym, joining fees on top of membership fees, and attitudes of owners – however, the negative reviews of the owners were given before the studio changed ownership.

Contact Information

Phone:    (508) 839-0084

Hours of Operation

Gym Hours of Operation are 24/7 for members

Staffed Hours

Monday:        10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday:       10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday:  10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday:      10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday:       9:00 am – 12:00 pm

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100 Worcester St
Grafton, MA 01536

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Post by Andrea Rogers