SLT Back Bay Studio Review

SLT Back Bay Studio Review

Founded in 2011 by serial wellness entrepreneur, Amanda Freeman, SLT offers an energetic, fun combination of cardio, strength training and Pilates. SLT’s workout moves focus on slow-twitch muscle fibers, counter-resistance, and controlled movements. Controlled movements are important in exercising as they force you to use muscle power to execute moves, not momentum. Slow-twitch muscle fibers contribute to endurance; SLT utilizes Megaformer™ springs and this counter-resistance helps improve overall muscular strength.

Plus any fitness center that has “better sore than sorry” for a motto has to be fun!


SLT has studios in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Michigan. This review is of the Massachusetts studio, located in the Back Bay above Uniqlo,  in Boston, MA.


Classes offered in this studio include:
  • SLT – All Levels – 50 minutes of cardio, weight bearing, and total body strengthening and toning with Pilates, taught in a small group setting
  • Intro – for newbies, offering moves that are slower so you get comfortable and understand what the moves are doing for your body
  • SLTame – slower-paced class still focusing on SLT’s strengthening, lengthening and toning moves
  • Hardcore – requiring experience with the Megaformer, this class will push you to the max

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Megaformer™ – works your body using a system of springs and pulleys and your body’s own weight; works upper and lower body using adjustable resistance


  • Street Parking
  • SLT Rewards Program
  • Refer-A-Friend
  • Gift Certificates
  • Private Training

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Intro Specials

  • First Class
  • 3 Pack Special

Class Packages

  • Single Class
  • 5 Classes
  • 10 Classes
  • 20 Classes
  • Monthly Unlimited

Private Training Options

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SLT Back Bay has a ⅗ rating on Yelp (5 reviews) with positive reviews for the size of classes, attitudes of instructors, personalized instruction and prices. Negative reviews were given for difficulties obtaining refunds, location of studio (heavy traffic), late-ending classes and quality of customer service.

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SLT Back Bay Studio Review

SLT NYC – Back Bay

341 Newbury Street, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02115


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