Customer Spotlight – Tasha

Tasha, a petite white woman pushes a weighted sled across the gym during her personal training session with Karen, a trainer at Bodyscapes Brookline.

Tasha pushing a weighted sled during her SPLITFIT session at Bodyscapes Brookline

Throughout her life, Tasha has been denied access to things that athletes take for granted—fitness studios, yoga classes, rock climbing gyms, you name it (even a pottery class!). Her goals are no different from anyone else’s—she wants to become more toned, strengthen her abs, and feel good in her own skin—but until recently, logistical, attitudinal and economic obstacles have hampered her progress. Tasha has some spatial difficulties (largely unrelated to blindness) that make independently navigating a gym or fitness class without sight almost impossible.

Tasha heard about SPLITFIT through another blind SPLITFIT client, Morgayne, and decided to try it out. She didn’t know if she’d be accepted at the front door, but thankfully took the leap of faith and landed her first session with Kristina Sadlo at Crossfit Coolidge Corner. Some sessions have been filled with 3 other athletes, but Tasha still gets the individual attention she needs to get a great workout—and everyone else in the group does too!

With SPLITFIT, Tasha doesn’t need to spend money on a private session, or hire an assistant, something that facilitates many everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping. She’s so excited to get affordable access to a gym and utilize top trainers in Boston. Tasha also wants to spread the word about Splitfit to other blind people, and she hopes that Splitfit will do even more to make blind clients feel welcome. With multiple training sessions under her belt, the SPLITFIT team cannot wait to see her physical transformation start to unfold—besides the everyday soreness, we know that Tasha is going to truly feel the difference in strength and spirit.

Use Tasha’s referral code TASHA3102 for your first session ($5), which will also put $15 into Tasha’s SPLITFIT account—help Tasha keep up the momentum! Check it out at

It has been extremely rewarding to work with Tasha. Writing programs for such a diverse community and training athletes with unique, special needs has allowed me to gain invaluable experience and to immensely grow as a strength coach -Kristina Sadlo, SPLITFIT trainer

I’m amazed by Tasha’s ability. She’s doing the same movements as anyone else in a SPLITFIT session. Although she needs a bit more hands on attention, everyone gets the attention they need for a great workout. –April, SPLITFIT team member and athlete

I truly enjoyed meeting Tasha and participating in a SPLITFIT training with her. What an awesome experience! Her ability is inspiring and I hope to be able to train with her again. -Melanie, SPLITFIT athlete

Tasha practices her "bird dogs", an exercise where you alternately extend opposite arms and legs while in a table top position. The trainer is sitting next to her, assisting the movement, which engages core and improves balance.

Tasha practicing her “bird dogs”, extending opposite arm and leg to work core and improve balance

Post by April Lynch