Customer Spotlight – Sandy

Jul 02, 2018




SPLITFIT athlete, Sandy, and SPLITFIT trainer, Bob, smile for a picture.

Sandy with SPLITFIT Trainer, Bob Sullivan (Bodyscapes Brookline, WAVE Fitness)

Simply stated, “I’m not someone that enjoys working out”, says Sandy, one of SPLITFIT’s regular athletes. Even with a gym in her office building and a membership to Core Power Yoga, Sandy will admit that self-motivation is tough when it comes to fitness and nutrition. Sound familiar? Thankfully, she stumbled upon SPLITFIT and is now consistently training 3 times per week. She’s learned so much over the past 5 months that she now knows how to bring programming on the road with her. Regularly on business travel, she can enter a hotel gym confidently and incorporate what she’s learned from the SPLITFIT trainers–she’s found her motivation.

We sat down with Sandy to learn more about her SPLITFIT experience and how it’s helping to achieve her fitness goals:

How did you learn about SPLITFIT?

I made a New Year’s resolution in January to get back into the gym. I started going the my work’s gym at the end of the day, but when I got there I felt like I had no idea what to do. I was on Groupon and stumbled upon SPLITFIT. I was curious about it and figured it might be exactly what I needed to get more motivated. I figured it might also help with my problem of not knowing what types of workouts will achieve my goals.

Have you ever had a Personal Trainer?

No, I’ve never had a personal trainer, and haven’t had a gym membership in years. Before SPLITFIT I wasn’t really working out at all.

What got you hooked to SPLITFIT?

My first session was with Makayla at BSC Lab and I had a great experience. I felt like Makayla really understood where I was coming from, and also put me through a great workout. I now go 2-3 days per week at either BSC Lab (Makayla) or WAVE (Bob) and try to keep a consistent schedule.

What’s different about it than other workouts?

SPLITFIT gives me a better workout than my yoga classes or gym workouts because it’s more dynamic. It’s a total body workout that includes cardio and weights.

What impact has SPLITFIT had on your personal life? work life?

I’m not great at sticking to a diet, so my SPLITFIT workouts have not only helped with my exercise routine, but are also keeping me focused on my nutrition goals.  I’m now working out regularly and have lost weight. As for my work life, it’s a great way to break up the day–I typically go between 12-2pm and I find myself much more alert for the rest of the day.

What do you want to share with other SPLITFIT users?

I hope that my experience can help others who may need the motivation, to exercise with SPLITFIT. With the price point, there’s no harm done! It’s also a great way to check out new gyms–I never would have known about WAVE Fitness or BSC Lab if it weren’t for SPLITFIT. I want to encourage people to give it a shot.


Post by April Lynch