One2One Bodyscapes Newton is now on SPLITFIT

May 08, 2018




One2One BodyScapes is committed to delivering an unsurpassed personal training experience. An experience which begins with the moment you step through our door, extends through a carefully thought out exercise program, and continues as you achieve your goals. Quite simply, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve a healthier, longer life and feel better than they ever thought possible.

Our One2One personal trainers are ready to motivate and educate you so you can set and attain personal fitness goals. We will work with you in putting together a game plan and design a customized personal training program perfect for you. You will work closely with your trainer and learn how to reduce risk factors, change unwanted habits, manage stress, and meet life’s milestones with optimism and vitality. Depending on your needs and goals, our personal training sessions will be tailored to include a focus on flexibility, strength gain, weight loss, cardiovascular endurance and core strength. If you are recovering from an injury, or have any restrictions we will make sure to build that into your custom workout plan.