Our incentive plan is here

Jan 11, 2018





With SPLITFIT You can train for as little as $5. Our Splitbucks incentive plan rewards you with $5 for everyone who joins the pool after you. For example, if you are the first to join a pool and have paid in full, when a second person joins, you earn $5 Splitbucks. When a third person joins, you earn another $5 Splitbucks. When a fourth person joins, your pool is now full and you earn another $5 Splitbucks. Thus you’ve earned $15 Splitbucks that you can apply towards your next session.

Share SPLITFIT, give $5 and get $5. When you share SPLITFIT from the app, when you book a session or from your Settings page, your friends will get a unique code that will give them $5 Splitbucks and once they book their first session you will also get $5 Splitbucks.

If you’ve been thinking of using a trainer to help you get a kick start on your New Years Resolution, now’s the perfect time to try SPLITFITFirst time users can use promo code “WONDERLAND” and save 75% off your first session. But hurry, this offer expires January 31st.