SPLITFIT makes FitU sweat at BSC Lab

Mar 30, 2018




SPLITFIT hosted twenty two Fit University students and alumni at the BSC Lab on Sunday, March 25th, 2018. Fit University, a community of college students with a passion for health and fitness got a taste of what SPLITFIT has to offer, including free access to the BSC Lab, a boutique fitness studio, and one of SPLITFIT’s top trainers, Vini Daley.

The group divided into groups, including “Sunday Funday”, and pushed through an hour long circuit workout. Quickly estimating their high level of fitness, Vini wasn’t taking it easy on this group! He had them sweating through one hour of circuits, including sled pushes, one legged step ups, medicine ball slams, and assisted pull ups. This group never gave up! Even with this large group, Vini gave them detailed instruction on each move, along with personal assistance throughout the exercises. He was sweating right along them!

Once the session ended, Sarah Gaines, founder of Fit University, let the group unwind with some breathing, stretches, and, lastly, free Health Warrior chia bars!

SPLITFIT looks forward to seeing this group again soon!