“Sweat for Good” at Harvard Stadium Stampede

Jul 10, 2018




Two SPLITFIT employees warming up group of 150 at Harvard Stadium Stampede

SPLITFIT getting the Stampede warmed up at Harvard Stadium

SPLITFIT joined the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) on July 11th, 2018 in a chance to SWEAT FOR GOOD at the Harvard Stadium Stampede. PCA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “develop Better Athletes, Better People through sports done right”. They keep kids active and motivated by providing them the resources they need from coaches, sports leaders, parents and student-athletes. Through positive experiences, they see positive outcomes in young athletes around the country.

The event got started as SPLITFIT warmed up a group of 100+ people with a range of dynamic stretches and metabolic movements. After getting everyone’s heart rate up and muscles loose, the group hit the Harvard Stadium stairs, running as many as they could tackle. Surrounded by great people, motivational signs and fist pumping music, the energy in the stadium was palpable. Pace was the key to success as everyone charged one staircase at a time, try to hit thirty-seven sections of the iconic stadium.

Whether they were running, walking or sprinting, everyone got an incredible workout for an ever greater cause. PCA finished the event with an After Party, including free burritos and beer.

SPLITFIT is giving PCA $15 for every person that books and completes a Personal Training session. Go to splitfit.com and use code PCA3055 for your $5 training session!

SPLITFIT demonstrates stretches in front of Stadium Stampede

Post by April Lynch