Trainer Spotlight – Kathryn M. Quirk

As a nationally certified personal trainer and behavioral health counselor, I’ve helped hundreds of people get stronger – mentally and physically – on their journey to better health.  And one of the cool things I’ve noticed among those who achieve the most: They all exhibit a relentless attention to achieving goals (no matter how small), a grit and resolve to keep going and a certain gratitude for the simple lessons that pursuing fitness provides, every day.

“I find myself thinking of what Kathryn told me during one of our trainings — shoulders down and back, squeeze butt and brace core — when I’m vacuuming, picking up my daughter and laundry and even while I’m driving.  I do the chin tuck while I’m driving and hip openers while I’m doing dishes. I no longer have neck and shoulder pain.” – Patty A.

“I literally wouldn’t be where I am without Kathryn. Post-injury, I would have moped and gained a TON of weight. With her guidance, I regained my strength and with it got a huge boost in confidence. I had to take in my pants TWO whole sizes since coming back for training,” Brian S., 25

Talk with any of my clients, and they will tell you they’ve discovered:

  • how their body is suppose to move
  • that building strength does not mean being muscle-bound — think toned arms, legs, core and back
  • how to steadily expand the range of motion in load bearing joints – hips, knees, shoulders, ankles
  • how flexibility, agility and mobility all work together
  • how to manage unwanted fat
  • that moving better and more often results in them feeling better and having more energy, and is a choice they make daily.

I focus on teaching fun, functional exercises that helped me personally overcome debilitating neck and back pain, become stronger and more flexible than I ever thought I could, and ultimately, lose and maintain 30 pounds of unwanted weight.

My programs are designed around compound movements that use the muscles in your upper and lower body at the same time, with an emphasis on developing abdominal strength and lumbar stability. Clients can expect to improve their range of motion, increase flexibility, gain strength and lose unwanted fat.

So often, these are the very ingredients that produce more zest for life.

When I’m not working, I love spending time with my family, which includes my husband and three amazing and always moving boys, ages 8, 11 and 13, as well as our 9 year old labrador retriever.  I love watching our boys play — soccer, basketball and hockey! I also love to travel and am planning our next vacation to visit friends in Norway.