Trainer Spotlight – Makayla Briggs

Jun 13, 2018




As a Personal Trainer and full time Exercise Science student at UMass Boston, Makayla is committed to helping clients achieve their goals both physically and mentally.

Makayla reached her own fitness goals through trial and error. After losing 40 lbs. by obsessing over cardio and cutting important foods out of her diet, she was always fatigued and unhappy in her own skin. She gained back 25 lbs. of muscle and self-confidence through resistance training and eating whole foods. Her self-transformation is what drove her to further her education and career in fitness. She is passionate about educating her clients on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and enjoying things in moderation. After her Bachelor’s Degree, she plans to further her education with a Master’s in Public Health and Business.

Makayla’s strength programming is focused on metabolic training, training with compound movements in circuits. Doing so will keep your heart rate up while you’re lifting weights – she believes it is the best way to burn unwanted fat while gaining lean muscle mass! She makes her sessions fun and interactive and will tailor her programs towards specific client goals.

Because of her self-transformation, she understands the struggle of the process and is always motivating her clients to keep on pushing. She highlights and applauds those who commit to creating a better lifestyle for themselves. She believes that mentality is everything and the mental transformation is just as important as the physical!

If you are interested in training with her at BSC Lab in Copley, book a session today on or through the app.

Post by April Lynch