Battling Those Turkey Pounds

Here are a few tips on conducting your post-Thanksgiving emergency moves and battling those turkey pounds!
What’s Thanksgiving without all the food? Turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, pumpkin pie, pecan pie…….the food has as much meaning as the celebration itself! And then we have Black Friday – not the Black Friday that sends everyone into spending frenzies, but the Black Friday of waking up after Thanksgiving Thursday about 10 pounds heavier!

1Let’s look at some Thanksgiving exercise moves and tips:

The 6-Minute Boost

We tend to think that in order for exercise to “count” it has to be strenuous and it has to take time. Not always so. 2,3Studies have found that intense activity lasting for just 6 minutes BEFORE eating can improve glycemic response to food, controlling the blood sugar surges that can lead to body fat.

The Shiver

Based on the theory that cold helps control weight, “shivering” is just that: doing exercises in a cold environment, for example walking in cold weather without being bundled up, swimming in cold water, etc. 4This can help burn 500 calories per day as well as stabilizing blood sugar levels.

The Best Workout for Fat Loss

5A 2008 study done by the University of California found cardio and resistance training activities burned more fat than doing only cardio alone and/or resistance training alone.                         


  • 10 push-ups
  • 15-20 jumping jacks
  • 10 squats or lunges
  • 15-20 more jumping jacks
  • 10 crunches
  • 15-20 jumping jacks
  • 10 dumbbell overhead presses
  • 15-20 jumping jacks

Grease the Groove

This is another “exercise surge” method. Throughout the day do brief surges of intense exercise such as jumping jacks, squats, running in place. Similar to the 6 minute boost, this requires 12 minutes.

Use 10-Minute Workouts

Same concept as the 6 minute workouts, this is doing 10 minutes of strenuous workouts that increase your heart rate. If you can do more than one through the day, that’s even better! These moves need no warm-ups or cool-downs.

Use Some Body Weight Moves

Doing these moves pre-meal raises your metabolism which will help burn off mealtime calories more quickly. Body weight moves are exercises where you use your own body weight as opposed to using weights or equipment. A couple of examples are side plank extensions and double leg back bridge

Plan Ahead!

Find out your gym’s hours for the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. Plan to do 6-10 minute workouts, schedule into your day a brisk walk, better yet start your day with 20 minutes of intense exercises.

Don’t Stress Out!

We all know that exercises will decrease stress, especially stress over exercising over Thanksgiving! Just get up and move! Even short periods of brisk, intense physical activity will be of benefit.

Don’t Give In!            

Don’t be an “all or nothing” person. All or nothing does not work in exercising and staying fit. Every little bit counts! Set aside a few minutes of your day for the 6 or 10 minute workout – be sure to do one of these BEFORE your meals – and get a head start on conquering those turkey pounds!                                                                                                                                


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Post by Andrea Rogers