Digestion Helpers – What’s the Deal?

Digestion Helpers - What's the Deal?

While scrolling through my Facebook feed I came upon a video featuring Dr. Kim Lee, a fairly well-known weight loss doctor in California. The video was actually very interesting – although ultimately the video was to sell her weight loss supplement Bio x4, the first part of the video gave some very good advice on fat-causing foods, health foods that aren’t actually healthy, and she gave a very good presentation on the high levels of sugar in the diet of the average American. So what’s in Bio x4 and other weight loss supplements that can help our bodies digest foods more completely, unlock nutrients and decrease our fat levels?

Digestive Enzymes

1Digestive enzymes are tiny protein molecules that break down foods ingested and unlock the nutrients for absorption. Production of these enzymes slows down as we get older. 2The three enzymes that focus on digestion are:

  • Amylase – breaks down sugars
  • Lipase – breaks down fats
  • Bromelain – breaks down protein and helps calm intestinal irritation


Probiotics are “friendly” bacteria and yeasts that our body needs for balance between the naturally occurring bad and good bacteria that’s present in our gut. 3When we crave sugary foods or carbs that’s our bad bacteria kicking into gear. 4Our good bacteria (probiotics) helps in nutrient absorption. They also help with balancing our digestive systems and increasing energy levels.

Caralluma Fimbriata

Caralluma fimbriata is a member of the cactus family and is commonly found in India. This cactus extract is considered to be a safe, powerful appetite suppressant. It also has been shown to address three key underlying issues to weight gain: an inability to burn fat; constant feelings of hunger; poor muscle tone. 5One study published in Appetite (May 2007) indicates that Caralluma extract helps suppress appetite and reduce waist circumference. (Check out SplitFit’s blog next week for deeper research on Caralluma fimbriata.)


6Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) is a natural compound found in green tea. Studies have shown that EGCG has fat-burning abilities. 7One study showed that EGCG QUADRUPLES belly fat loss. 8Furthermore green tea fights diseases and can possible lengthen life.

It’s very important to keep in mind that there is NO magic bean for losing weight and getting and staying in shape. All the things that work – diet, exercise, supplements – must work TOGETHER in order for you to lose weight in a healthy way, keep it off and enjoy the physical and mental and emotional benefits of being in shape.

(Disclaimer: SplitFit does not endorse any supplement mentioned in its blogs. The information is given for knowledge only.)


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Image Credit: Mark Stengler

Post by Andrea Rogers