Factors to Consider When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Ask any two people their views on hiring and working with a personal trainer and you’ll probably get one of two answers:

  • Hiring a personal trainer is well worth the cost and is absolutely needed
  • Hiring a personal trainer is not necessary and is too big an expense

Your first step, therefore, is to figure out on which side you belong. If you see a personal trainer as being worth the costs there are some important factors to consider when hiring a personal trainer.


             Costs of hiring a personal trainer will vary considering location, specialty, levels of certification. Study your               budget, see what you can afford, and work within those parameters.

Certification / Credentials   

It is advised to ALWAYS look into a personal trainer’s certification(s) and credentials. If you’re seeking a personal trainer for a medical purpose, such as for rehab following an injury, you need to ensure that they are certified to offer rehab services. If you hire a personal trainer for rehab purposes, make sure they have the credentials, experience and knowledge. This is crucial since the wrong choice can lead to further physical damage. 


Obviously the more experienced the better. Ask for references and then follow up on those references. Make sure the information given to you by the personal trainer matches what past clients say.

Direction You Want to Go     

Are you wanting to lose weight? To stay (or get) physically fit? Do you need rehab for an injury? Can the potential personal trainer provide the services you need? In other words, what is your objective in hiring and working with a personal trainer?


When you work with a trainer for any significant amount of time it’s best if their personality and views match yours. Are they motivating? Are they friendly? How important is this characteristic to you personally (do you need to like your personal trainer for them to be beneficial to you)?

Type of Arrangement You Want                                                                                                                                                Private

You can hire a personal trainer to come to your house to work with you. The main advantage to working with a personal training is convenience. A personal trainer will help you keep on track – it’s easier to talk yourself out of going to the gym than to cancel your personal trainer.

             Gym Classes / Exercise Groups 

Most gyms offer personal trainer services. Some gyms offer this incorporated into their membership packages. Often a gym will charge separately for personal trainers. Since this practice can vary from gym to gym it’s up to you to make sure you’re joining a gym that offers what you prefer and determine what the costs are.


              Does the personal trainer’s schedule mesh with yours? If you want to train with a personal trainer on the                 weekend can they do this or do they offer training services only through the week?

With a definite game plan, motivation and the right personal trainer, you can find yourself reaching your fitness goals more quickly than you may expect. Your personal trainer will be your instructor, motivator, cheerleader, healer and drill sergeant. The relationship you have with your trainer can make or break this experience so do your research, follow-up on references and verify certifications. Often the person seeking a personal trainer will do a background check – companies offering background checks more often than not will also verify credentials and certifications.


  1. What education, certifications, or qualifications do you have?
  2. How do you seek continued education?
  3. What kind of clients have you worked with in the past, with what results?
  4. Can you show you have the experience and confidence to address my special needs and health conditions?
  5. Do you have liability insurance?
  6. Do you offer a free consultation that includes a fitness assessment?
  7. What are your rates, session lengths, and cancellation policies?
  8. Options for payment?
  9. What’s your schedule? Is it adaptable?


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