Fit and Well-Read: 7 Health and Fitness Magazines to Check Out

Well-Read: 7 Health and Fitness Magazines to Check Out

Need some motivation? Looking for a fitness magazine for a friend’s birthday or a Christmas gift? Health and fitness magazines are a great way to boost motivation or make changes to your lifestyle for a healthy, happy you! While there are many, many health and fitness magazines out there we’re going to look at 7 magazines – some well known, some not so much yet – for you to give a try.

#1 Strong Fitness Magazine

1Targeting women, this magazine offers workouts, reviews of products, interviews with fitness experts, beauty advice, and tips for staying healthy and fit. Nutrition coaching, updates on fitness events and challenges, and an awesome blog with topics like “The Resistance-Band Butt Workout You Can Do Anywhere,” a full-body Tabata workout, coverage of female athletes, at your fingertips!

#2 Men’s Health

2This magazine targets men and is informative and fun, advising on boosting fitness levels, being healthier and finding out more about the world. This is one of the most popular health and fitness magazines for men. With topics such as the link between pot and paranoia, the “Move of the Day,” how a single dad lost 40 pounds in 8 months, best workout moves for your back, and pieces on current news, it offers a wide variety of information in each issue.

#3 Shape

3Aimed mainly at younger women, Shape offers articles on how to achieve a fit body and flawless skin as well as in-depth pieces on diet, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle ideas. Want to know how to feel more awake without coffee? Interested in learning why the single-leg squat should be your next fitness goal? Wondering what 5 frozen foods can make healthy eating easier? Check out Shape!

#4 Muscle & Fitness

4Offering diet plans, strength and fitness training for any body type, and regular features on fitness training and nutrition, Muscle & Fitness is for both men and women and has a strong emphasis on building muscle and bodybuilding. (Fun fact: Muscle & Fitness has merged with Flex, another popular fitness magazine).

#5 Natural Awakenings Magazine

5Perfect for anyone looking for an alternative approach to health and fitness, this magazine offers advice from holistic experts and writers, articles for body and soul, nutritional advice and articles on life. (Interested in publishing your OWN Natural Awakenings magazine? Read about  opening your own franchise at )

#6 Oxygen

6Oxygen is a women’s fitness magazine that is informative and entertaining. Get the scoop on women’s fitness, fat loss, superfoods, energy-boosting vitamins, examples of great workouts. You’ll find articles on exercising, toning, diet, burning fat and successful goal setting, all written by women’s fitness experts.

#7 Men’s Fitness Magazine

7This Australian magazine has articles on fitness, workouts, training plans, weight lifting, cardio, popular news and fitness gear. Men’s Fitness is considered a leading source of information on exercise, adventure, high profile athletes, sports and lifestyle tips and advice.


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