Get On Up and Move! Tips to Keep Your Motivation Going Strong

Get On Up and Move! Tips to Keep Your Motivation Going Strong

Get On Up and Move!

Regardless of intentions, regardless of goals, regardless of how much money you may have invested in getting and staying fit, you’re going to have days when you’re just not feeling it. A few days here and there of feeling less than motivated is normal; the problem is if you stay in that unmotivated state it can lead to discouragement. Discouragement makes it easier to give up so it’s best to face that lack of motivation head on.

The current recommendation is at least 150 minutes of exercise each week. A little less than half of Americans do NOT put in those 150 minutes a week. 1A recent study published in Health Psychology found that people who used an exercise “trigger” were more likely to follow through with their exercise and fitness programs.

Read on for some tips on revving up your motivation – and then get on up and move!

Sources of Motivation

2We’ve all seen the highly motivational memes with the encouraging phrases. We’ve all seen people working out to music, maybe you’ve done this yourself. These methods are fine but there are other proven ways to boost your motivation.

3Help Yourself Outif you set hard and fast rules for exercising you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Friendly Competitionwhether you’re competing officially or just betting on how much longer you can last on the treadmill than the person next to you, competition is a proven motivation booster. If you don’t like one-on-one competing, look for a small group class that’s a little above your comfort level.

4Accountabilityfind a friend, family member, gym buddy who will keep you on track. Actually, you can keep each other on track. Or get accountability via your exercise class. When you have someone else to keep you on track, you’re much less likely to drop out, slack off, or give up entirely.

Don’t focus on appearancewhen you get past exercising to look good you move onto exercising for FEELING good and that’s a stronger motivation than appearance.

Set micro goalsbigger goals, like abs of steel, are more difficult to meet and you are more likely to become discouraged when you lose your motivation. Smaller goals, such as perfecting an exercise move or losing a certain amount of weight, are easier to meet. This keeps your motivation up and going.

Set actual betsyep, using cold, hard cash. When you have skin in the game you’re more likely to stay in that game! 5A study in the medical journal JAMA found that dieters with a financial incentive were more likely to eat right, exercise and lose weight.

Bribe yourselfnew workout clothes, clothes in a smaller size, etc, will keep you wanting to keep on. Use these new clothes as either bribes or rewards for staying on track.

Get originalmorning workouts getting hard to wake up for? Sleep in your workout clothes! Do you use social media (does anyone NOT use social media)? Get a few friends to promise to post embarrassing “before” photos of you – no one wants “before” pics posted on Instagram!

6Keep workout gear in plain viewif the first thing you see upon waking up is your gym bag sitting by your bedroom door, it’ll be a little easier to go with the flow. Get up, grab your bag, and go!

Another social media trickuse your social media to be accountable. Logging your progress online can provide you with encouragement from friends all over the world.

7Have a Plan Bcan’t get to the gym or make your exercise class? Have a Plan B – jogging in your neighborhood, walking home from work, have a couple of go-to hiking trails to hit, walk the dog. It doesn’t matter what it is, just be sure you’re moving.

Write it downwriting your goals down increases the probability that you’ll stick with your program to meet them. Your goals will be more concrete and you will be accountable to yourself.

Real people with real lives have real schedules to work around and losing motivation is inevitable. Just don’t allow that momentary lack of motivation to stick around long enough to turn into discouragement. Utilize some or all of the tips we’ve looked at here and keep on track!


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