Meditation: A Workout for the Mind

Meditation: A Workout for the MindWhen most people think of working out and fitness, they picture gyms, weights, and workouts that involve physical exertion. However, one type of exercise that is often overlooked is meditation. Although meditation is not a workout for the body, it is a workout for the mind, and can often be beneficial when paired with traditional workouts aimed to improve one’s physical appearance.

So what is meditation?

At its core, meditation is a state of awareness. It is achieved by calming the mind and achieving a level of deep peace, which in essence takes individuals to a higher level of self-awareness, allowing them to fulfill their true potential. Overall, meditation can set one’s mind in the right direction, providing clarity for the present moment.

Why meditation?

In today’s day and age, there are hundreds of stressors that affect individuals each and every day. From the stress of the workplace environment to the stressful situations that arise with raising a family, it is easy to become frustrated and tired with one’s life. Some people use fitness as a way to relieve the stress that accumulates throughout the week, but another method of stress reduction can be found with meditation. Moreover, there is no need for a gym membership or personal trainer, and it can be done in the comfort of one’s own home.1Meditation has been proven to increase one’s quality of life, allowing individuals to focus on the present moment rather than dwelling on past actions or future decisions.

There are numerous types of meditation. Below we’ll explain a few.

Concentration Meditation

2The main goal of concentration meditation is focusing on a single point. This involves choosing something, an object, idea, song, anything that you’re able to focus on works. For example, this could involve repeating a word following each breath. This might be difficult for beginners, but as you keep on practicing, your meditation session will continue to last longer. This type of meditation improves your concentration.

Mindfulness Meditation

When practicing mindfulness meditation, individuals let their thoughts wander in their mind and observe what their mind comes up with. It is a very hands-off form of meditation, and individuals gain a better sense of their own thoughts and thought patterns. This type of meditation exercise allows people to gain a better understanding of themselves and their own mental tendencies.

Zen Meditation

3Zen meditation involves being seated in an upright position in either a chair or over a mat with your legs crossed. It is important to keep a straight back with good posture. Breathing is an important part of this type of meditation exercise, which aids in improving concentration.

Overall, meditation exercises are a great way to relieve stress, diminish anxiety, and become more self-aware. They’re simple and do not require equipment. One needs only a small chunk of time to practice becoming more relaxed and focused via meditation.


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