Personal Trainers: The Secrets to Success in the Gym

Personal Trainers: The Secrets to Success in the Gym

Most people who go to the gym either have their own workouts planned or they simply come up with their workout for the day on the fly once they enter the gym. Although these workout methods might work for some people, having a personal trainer can help individuals maximize their potential in the gym. Here are some reasons why personal trainers are a must-have!


Personal Trainers are trained and certified in teaching others how to exercise.1 It is important to know how to do an exercise in order to both maximize results and ensure your safety. Many workouts such as squatting and deadlifting require added attention to one’s form in order to prevent serious injuries, something personal trainers can help with. If you learn how to do an exercise with a trainer the right way and with the proper form, you’re more likely to be able to perform the exercise the proper way on your own in the future.


Each person has their own specific workout goals and needs. Some people are looking to lose weight, while others are more focused on getting stronger and adding muscle mass. Personal trainers have the ability to listen to what you’re trying to get out of your time in the gym and formulate a unique, personalized workout plan. They can accommodate each person’s medical needs or injury history to formulate the best approach to helping that client get fit safely.2

Motivation and Accountability

Sometimes the hardest thing to do isn’t the workout, it’s getting into the car to drive to the gym. A personal trainer helps motivate you to get into the car and get to the gym to complete your workout. With a personal trainer you have to schedule an appointment in advance, thus you’re more inclined to feel an obligation to make it to your workout. Once you’re at the gym, having somebody by your side throughout your workout helps motivate you to complete all of your reps with the maximum amount of effort. Personal trainers compliment you when you’re killing a workout, but will also let you know when you’re messing up.

Personal trainers are a must-have in the weight room. They’re there for you if you need help on an exercise, want information on new types of workouts, or even if you just need somebody to talk to!


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