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Often we at SplitFit review things related to fitness and health – gyms, centers, technology, etc. There are many good, reliable sites to refer to when wanting information about a specific gym or fitness center, fitness trend or the latest health and fitness technology company. One of those sites is Three Best Rated.

About Three Best Rated

Three Best Rated is a review site that provides the top 3 businesses, health care providers, professionals, etc., in any city. The rating comes from their review process they call their 50-Point Inspection. There are factors that are checked and verified for each review, including:

  • Reputation
  • General Excellence
  • Costs/Prices
  • History
  • Customer Complaints/Satisfaction
  • Location
  • Other Reviews

The information they provide includes names, email addresses, contact numbers, website, etc. This information is posted on their website, there is no sign-up required and the information is free. They prefer to focus on local businesses instead of corporations as a favor to the community and to those local businesses.

They will not provide reviews of any business unless verified first by employees of Three Best Rated.

50-Point Inspection

Three Best Rated provides reviews for cities in every state and also includes ratings for Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Singapore, and the UK. They also use an exhaustive list in forming their ratings. Here are some of the areas they review (for the entire list please refer to their website):

  • History
  • Experience
  • Online History
  • Ownership HIstory
  • Services
    • Exact Services
    • Special Features
    • Service Diversification
  • Operating Hours
    • Business Hours
    • Operating Hours
  • Website
    • Complete Information
    • Online Chat options
    • Online Appointment options
    • Emblem
    • Contact Information
    • Copyrights & Licenses
  • Social Media
    • Social Media Presence
    • Page Maintenance
    • Followers Ratio
  • Complaints
    • ThreeBestRated Complaints
    • Owner Responses
    • Lawsuits
  • Reviews
    • Legitimate Ratings
    • Current Evaluation (from customers)
    • Fake Reviews
    • Reviewers’ Information
    • Negative Reviews
    • Review Analysis (both positive and negative)
    • Reviews Accuracy (both positive and negative)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Real Discounts
    • Price Comparisons
    • Location Proximity
    • Specializations
    • Branches
    • Call Inspection (company responsiveness to phone calls)
    • Insurance Acceptance
    • Address Validation
    • Website Source
    • Three Best Rated’s Review Team’s Overall Satisfaction

Contact Information

Telephone:  833.488.6888

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317 Ranch Road 620 S #302G,
Austin TX 78734


Image Credit:  Three Best Rated
Image Credit: Game Changer Media Group

Post by Andrea Rogers