Understanding the TB12 Method

Understanding the TB12 Method

Anyone who watches football, and even many people who don’t, know who Tom Brady is.1For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he has been the face of the New England Patriots football franchise since the early 2000’s and has continued to dominate the competition as he enters his 19th season at 40 years of age. People often wonder how he’s been able to not only simply play the game, but dominate the competition for so long, even at such an old age for football standards. One possible reason for his performance is his strict diet and workout regiment, dubbed the TB12 Method. Below we’ll discuss both the diet and exercise sides of the equation, and try to understand if it actually works!

TB12 Diet

The TB12 diet is something Tom Brady has an almost cult-like adherence to. At its core theory, the diet focuses on consuming foods that aid in muscle rejuvenation and overall body longevity, and provides the body with key nutrients. Another key aspect of the diet is consuming foods that are alkalizing and anti-inflammatory. 2This results in Brady having a long list of foods he does not consume. Some of his do-not-eat items include the following: alcohol, any food containing GMOs, artificial sweeteners, grain-based foods, white potatoes, MSG, and white flour. He even avoids certain vegetables that he believes promote inflammation, such as tomatoes and eggplant. 3Conversely, during the day some of his staples include protein shakes, salads, fish, and of course electrolyte water. Overall, Brady adheres to a fairly strict, albeit controversial diet, which pairs well with his strict workout regimen.

TB12 Fitness

The second piece to Brady’s success on the football field and overall physical fitness is his workout regiment. He takes his health extremely seriously, as seen with the diet he has developed, and the same can be said with his workout regiment. 4At the core of his fitness regime is pliability, which is lengthening and loosening of muscles as a way to prevent injuries from occurring. This involves a large amount of stretching and foam rolling of the muscles and a focus on resistance band workouts as opposed to tradition weights. His personal trainer Alex Guerrero is credited with inventing this type of workout for Brady, and it has gained in popularity among other football players and athletes. Guerrero also incorporates massages into Brady’ workouts as a way of preventing future injuries. The main goal of Brady’s stretching and workouts is to lengthen and soften his muscles, which he believes helps prevent future injuries and will ultimately lengthen his football career.


Like anything new and controversial, Brady’s workout and diet plan have been met with a flood of both support and skepticism. On the one hand, what he’s doing seems to be working, as seen by his super bowl victories and ability to play football at a high level into his forties, a feat not often achieved in his sport. 3However, much of what he does is not backed by science and was implemented by his controversial personal trainer Alex Guerrero. Guerrero has previously been accused of trying to sell supplements that he falsely and dangerously claimed could cure cancer and prevent concussions.


Brady’s TB12 Training Method is definitely not for everyone, but many individuals have found that it has helped them achieve their fitness and athletic goals, whether it be to lose weight, become more flexible, or perform at a higher level on the field. If you do choose to try out his training method, take everything with a grain of salt and always remember that just because it works for him does not mean it will work for you!




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Post by Brandon Musto